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Buy Weed Online In Texas | Green Crack

Buy Weed Online In Texas | Green Crack is a potent sativa strain known for its energizing effects. But don’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is a great daytime strain that may help consumers fight fatigue, stress, and depression.

Buy Weed Online In Texas | HISTORY

Like many cannabis strains, Green Crack has a bit of an ambiguous history. Many believe that it was originally bred in 1970s Athens, Georgia, and that it was here that it picked up most of its sativa traits from its parent plant Skunk #1.


But there’s more debate to Green Crack than just where it came from and what type of strain it is. Its name is also highly controversial, with some users feeling that marijuana should never be associated with crack.


While most hybrids typically fall around the 15 percent range when it comes to THC content, our Green Crack has on average 18-21% THC. As a hybrid you can expect to feel energetic and uplifted like other sativa strain but with an extra blast of euphoria as Green Crack offers a much more powerful high.  This makes Green Crack a great wake and bake strain, wiping away any lethargy or tiredness and giving you the energy you need to face the day. Green Crack is perfect for both day and night time, with a balanced high which can last and remain powerful for up to three hours, inducing you into a more relaxed high.


Green Crack is useful in treating many other conditions including stress, depression, and fatigue. These can include dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia and even on a much smaller scale, a bit of dizziness.


While technically a hybrid, the characteristics green crack will show during its growth phase will be mainly sativa.

When taken outside, Green Crack will do best in a warm Mediterranean climate in a temperature between 70 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing this strain outdoors is also the perfect opportunity to use a grow medium of healthy, nutrient-rich soil, as the strain will love it and will thrive even more so. Indoor growers can expect a yield of about 18 ounces per square meter. Harvest will still fall between 8 and 10 weeks.


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